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Making Your Life Easier

  • Knowledge - On average, our inside and outside sales teams have worked at AES for over 12 years. That means your questions will be answered fast, and correctly, the first time you ask.
  • Service - Here's what one of our dealers says about service: "I'm Amazed with how fast you address problems, plus I appreciate your attention to making sure all the details are taken care of." That's our goal. Take care of problems fast. Take care of the details. And (most of the time) have a smile on our face when we do it.
  • Products - Are we one-stop shopping? No. But we come close! We have over 7,800 hearth and outdoor products available with same day shipping if you order by 2pm PST.
  • And Most Important: Access - We think too many companies in this industry are out of touch with their customers. That's why you can still reach Craig and me any time you want–for any reason. If we miss your call, we'll dial you back. Really.

–Kirk Newby, President