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Warranty Request Form

• Warranty process for all brands goes as follows: replacement order is placed and billed to dealer, warranty RA is written, you send defective part back to AES when requested and/or send pictures when applicable, we file the warranty with the factory for credit, we receive approval/credit from factory, then the dealer receives warranty credit from AES.

• To insure you receive an accurate and expedited credit or replacement part, please fill in all necessary information below.

• Warranty parts found not to be defective will be returned back to the dealer at the dealer’s expense.

** Warranties will not be processed until AES is provided with the following information **

Step #1 – Dealer Information

Step #2 – Consumer Information

Step #3 – Technical Data (Symptoms/Readings/Diagnosis)

*** Photos are required for any visible damage/defects. Please upload your photos. ***

Step #4 – Product Information


Step #5 – Send Part or Credit? *Select One Option*

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